Father and Son Team

Bayside Electric Company is owned and operated by Father and Son, Tony and AJ Braun. Tony Braun learned the Electrical trade while working for BGE many years ago and continued to hone his skills through training and many years of experience.

He is known for being meticulous and a great troubleshooter, AJ has now completed the apprenticeship program and is following in his fathers foot steps. Both take great pride in their work and look forward to meeting new customers every day.

There are many benefits to small, family owned businesses. You can safely refer us to your friends, family, and co-workers without worry. Smaller family owned businesses are notorious for offering better service and higher quality work since they are the business and no one cares more about a business than the owner. The relationship between the customer and the business is much stronger and more personal when you always know who you’re working with. Many times, large companies aren’t able to maintain that type of relationship with their customers.